On 27th September 2016 the community of Khirbet al Hamma were subjected to the destruction of their homes and belongings. They were left without any shelter in the drive to force them to leave their land.

donated-structures-confiscated-9nov16-5They chose to stay and resist the ethnic cleansing and with the support of Jordan Valley Solidarity and international doners were able to erect new tents to live in.

Then, on 9th November, the occupation forces returned and have confiscated all the tents donated by an Italian NGO: GVC- Civil Volunteer Group. This action is clearly aimed at punishing the community for staying on their land, and a further attempt to drive them away as the cold weather sets in and it is far harder for them to survive without shelter.


With Israel’s continued destruction of Paletinian property, included that donated by EU states, there has been a new drive in the EU for Israel to be held to account and called upon to compensate for property it destroys. A committee of Middle East experts from all 28 member states has passed a resolution to ask Israel to reimburse them for the demolition of buildings and infrastructure projects in Area C of the West Bank that they helped finance. The resolution is non-binding but provides the blueprint for a future binding resolution if there was the political will to move this forward.