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23 January 2015

British Parliamentarians Share Determination To Speak Out on Injustices in Palestine

Article published by Council for Arab British Understanding 19th January 2015 A delegation of senior British Labour Members of Parliament met with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Ramallah on the last day of three-day visit to Palestine. The Prime Minister praised the British Parliament for its historic vote to call on the British… read full article
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08 January 2015

One Million Trees project launched in Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley Solidarity has launched a project in conjunction with the Palestinian Farmers Union to plant trees throughout the Jordan Valley, from the north to the south. In each area farmers will be given trees which are suitable for the local climate and growing conditions. These will include Orange, Lemon, Avocado, Olive, Guava, Cucumber and… read full article
02 January 2015

Bedouin village of Kherbet Um al-Jamal demolished on New Year's Day

Published by the Palestine Information Centre 1st January 2015 TUBAS, (PIC)-- Israeli army forces demolished Thursday noon Um al-Jamal small Bedouin village to the east of Tubas in Northern Jordan Valley, witnesses reported. They said a big number of Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed the hamlet and razed all Bedouin homes leaving them… read full article
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27 December 2014

Homecoming to the village of Bardala

by Rashed Khudairy, Coordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign My family left the village of Bardala in the north of the Jordan Valley 35 years ago, because of the Israeli forces' occupation and closure of the Valley. My family had worked the land and herded cattle for generations on this land, but theft of the water authorities by the… read full article
22 December 2014

EWASH video: Farming Without Water. Palestinian Agriculture in the Jordan Valley

This new short film, Farming Without Water: Palestinian Agriculture in the Jordan Valley, casts light on the forced drought affecting Palestinian farmers due to chronic shortages caused by Israeli occupation and settlement. “They treat us as if we were a thorn in their side,” says Jordan Valley farmer Ismail Sharhan of the Israeli occupiers.… read full article
Building a road to Fasayil al Fouqa 2014
21 December 2014

Right to Movement in Fasayel

Young activists from Fasayel al Fouqa, in the middle of the Jordan Valley have launched a new campaign to establish the 'right to movement' for the people of the village. Fasayil al Fouqa is aproximately 2km from the main road, and all access to the village is via a dirt track, which gets washed away when there is heavy rain. It is also very… read full article
Samra School Aug 14
19 December 2014

Electronic Intifada: Palestinian school threatened by Israeli bulldozers

Original article by Ahmad Al-Bazz in The Electronic Intifada 17 December 2014 It took two years of hard work to build the Samra community school in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley. But an Israeli demolition order issued against the school in October threatens to leave dozens of children without nearby access to education. The demolition… read full article
12 December 2014

Ma'an:10,000 dunams 'slated for confiscation' in Jordan Valley

Ma'an News Agency 10/12/2014 Israeli authorities on Wednesday declared a vast area of private Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley a closed military zone in preparation for confiscating the land, an official said. Ribhi al-Khandaqji, the governor of the Tubas district, said in a statement that the land was located in the Ein al-Sakut… read full article
03 December 2014

Eight families threatened with demolitions in Fasayil al Fouqa

In mid November eight families in Fasayil al Fouqa were served with demolition orders on their homes. All eight homes are within the area of the village that has been given permission to build, and the homes belong to people who have lived in the villae for many years. On the same day the Israeli Occupation Forces also served demolition orders on… read full article
Ahmad abu al shikh Sawaftah
02 December 2014

Shepherd killed by mine explosion in the northern of jordan valley

A Palestinian shepherd from Bardala was killed by a landmine on 23rd November 2014. Ahmad abu al shikh Sawaftah, aged 43 years, was killed by the mine as he tended his sheep, and leaves behind five sons. read full article
24 November 2014

Palestinian farmer killed by mine explosion in the northern Jordan Valley

43 year-old Palestinian, Ahmad Abu Al Sheikh, was killed on November 23rd by a mine explosion in the northern part of the Jordan Valley. Father of five sons, Ahmad is a shepherd from the village of Bardala. Ahmad suffered head and chest injuries whilst grazing his sheep on his land. After being taken to an Israeli hospital in a critical condition,… read full article
20 October 2014

Demolitions in Fasayil and Al Jiftlik

On 20th October 2014 the occupation forces invaded the Palestinian Bedouin communities in Fasayil and Al Jiftlik and the Jordan Valley. They came under cover of darkness with around 40 army jeeps and bulldozers, and destroyed the homes, animal shelters and food preparation kitchens for six extended families. Some of the families had previously… read full article
Fasayil Agricultural project 1a
13 October 2014

Reclaiming agricultural land in Fasayil

Jordan Valley Solidarity is running a major agricultural project with families in Fasayil, to re cultivate land that has lain bare for years due to Israeli control of water in the area. Historically, Fasayil had a water well, and was a green and prosperous area, with local Palestinian families growing bananas, lemons, grapes, and dates. This all… read full article
12th November 2012 Joint Israeli and US military exercises in Al Maleh area
13 October 2014

19 families ordered to leave their homes to make way for military training

The following news report has been published by the Palestine News Network. Military training is a serious threat to Palestinians throughout the West Bank, but for communities in the northern Jodan Valley the military training is ever present and becomes part of the instability in ther everyday lives. The eviction orders that have been issued for… read full article
06 October 2014

Israel to Demolish Locale East of Tubas

Published 5th October 2014 by WAFA, Palestine News and Information Agency TUBAS, October 5, 2014 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Sunday verbally notified residents of Khirbet Um al-Jimal, a locale to the east of the West Bank Tubas governorate, of their intentions to demolish their homes, according to a local source. Aref Daraghmeh, head of the al-Maleh… read full article