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Welcome to Jordan Valley Solidarity

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24 February 2015

Harassment of Palestinain drivers on apartheid roads

Harrassment of Palestinians by the Israeli police on the apartheid roads in the Jordan Valley are an everyday occurrance. On 23rd February 2015, the harrassemnt of Nihad Ali Alajul, a 32 year old father to four children, lead to his death. Tthe Israeli police tried to stop Ali's car in order to impose a fine on the driver. While they were… read full article
16 February 2015

Alternative Information Center (AIC): 600 Palestinian-owned structures demolished in 2014

Published on 15th February 2015 600 Palestinian-owned structures were demolished in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2014, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territory. Of these, 242 were residential and 358 livelihood or other structures. 16 percent of demolitions occurred in… read full article
14 February 2015

Workshop for environmental activists: call for participants

Building local communities of resistance in Palestine based on environmental justice and self-sufficiency This workshop aims to shed light on the nexus between water, food and energy from the Palestinian perspective of life under occupation. It takes an in-depth look at theories of politics, the environment, and colonial ideology. The workshop… read full article
14 February 2015

Middle East Monitor: Water running dry for Palestinians as Israel turns off the taps

Published on 11th February 2015 In the northern Jordan Valley last week, Israeli forces destroyed a 1,000 metre pipeline built to provide water to Palestinian communities. In East Jerusalem, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been cut off from a regular supply of running water for nearly a year. In Gaza, the water infrastructure has been… read full article
Children in Al Maleh
05 February 2015

Medecins du Monde planning mental health project in the Valley

On 2nd February we from the Jordan Valley Solidarity Movement met with members of the NGO, Medecins du Monde, to discuss our plans to work together to provide mental healthcare services in the Jordan Valley. Medecins du Monde has already been working on a project to provide mental health services to Palestinians in Jericho and to Bedouin… read full article
03 February 2015

Planting olive trees in Fasayil al Wusta

We, as Jordan Valley Solidarity and friends from Brazil, France, Italy and Canada, started work early in the morning to plant olive trees in Fasayil al Wusta. The families living in this area had their homes and out-buildings demolished in 2012 and 2013. They still have demolition orders hanging over them, and live in fear that the occupation… read full article
02 February 2015

Jordan Valley women's conference: Resistance for Change

Jordan valley solidarity campaign would like to hold the II Women's Conference. if you are interested and would like to attend or support us please let us know !! The II Women’s Conference: Reistance for Change will take place on 8th March in the Jordan Valley. We aim to firstly bring women together and work on the possibilities for them to be… read full article
28 January 2015

16 year old shepherd injured by Israeli mine

A 16 years old shepherd, Ali Mohammad Awad has been injured by a mine explosion in Ein el Hilwe in the northern of Jordan Valley whilst tending his feeding his family's sheep. An ambulance was called, but the occupation forced refused to let it pass through Tayasir checkpoint, thus preventing it from accessing the medical centre in Tubas town. read full article
28 January 2015

Israeli Army expels 19 families for the purpose of Military Training

The Israeli military forced 19 Palestinian families to leave Khirbet Bzik village, near Tubas, on Tuesday morning, under the pretext of carrying out military exercises for two consecutive days. Local sources reported that more than 100 of the residents were forced to evacuate their houses in the morning hours, as a result of the military carrying… read full article
23 January 2015

British Parliamentarians Share Determination To Speak Out on Injustices in Palestine

Article published by Council for Arab British Understanding 19th January 2015 A delegation of senior British Labour Members of Parliament met with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Ramallah on the last day of three-day visit to Palestine. The Prime Minister praised the British Parliament for its historic vote to call on the British… read full article
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08 January 2015

One Million Trees project launched in Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley Solidarity has launched a project in conjunction with the Palestinian Farmers Union to plant trees throughout the Jordan Valley, from the north to the south. In each area farmers will be given trees which are suitable for the local climate and growing conditions. These will include Orange, Lemon, Avocado, Olive, Guava, Cucumber and… read full article
02 January 2015

Bedouin village of Kherbet Um al-Jamal demolished on New Year's Day

Published by the Palestine Information Centre 1st January 2015 TUBAS, (PIC)-- Israeli army forces demolished Thursday noon Um al-Jamal small Bedouin village to the east of Tubas in Northern Jordan Valley, witnesses reported. They said a big number of Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed the hamlet and razed all Bedouin homes leaving them… read full article
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27 December 2014

Homecoming to the village of Bardala

by Rashed Khudairy, Coordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign My family left the village of Bardala in the north of the Jordan Valley 35 years ago, because of the Israeli forces' occupation and closure of the Valley. My family had worked the land and herded cattle for generations on this land, but theft of the water authorities by the… read full article
22 December 2014

EWASH video: Farming Without Water. Palestinian Agriculture in the Jordan Valley

This new short film, Farming Without Water: Palestinian Agriculture in the Jordan Valley, casts light on the forced drought affecting Palestinian farmers due to chronic shortages caused by Israeli occupation and settlement. “They treat us as if we were a thorn in their side,” says Jordan Valley farmer Ismail Sharhan of the Israeli occupiers.… read full article
Building a road to Fasayil al Fouqa 2014
21 December 2014

Right to Movement in Fasayel

Young activists from Fasayel al Fouqa, in the middle of the Jordan Valley have launched a new campaign to establish the 'right to movement' for the people of the village. Fasayil al Fouqa is aproximately 2km from the main road, and all access to the village is via a dirt track, which gets washed away when there is heavy rain. It is also very… read full article