The Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign works as an advocate for Jordan Valley communities, raising awareness about the situation in the Valley and building an international movement to respond to the current crisis in the region.

We work with activists, campaign groups, NGOs, cooperatives, trade unions, consulates, universities and community organizations to build a broad based movement that can effectively challenge Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing in the region.

By building global networks of support and solidarity, the Campaign works to expose the crimes being perpetrated against Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, and bring as many resources as possible to Jordan Valley communities as they struggle to remain steadfast on their land.

The Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign has brought thousands visitors, volunteers and activists to the Valley to learn about the situation and become eye witnesses to occupation and apartheid. The Campaign has also developed a wide range of resources and educational materials to spread awareness about the crisis in the Valley. In addition, the Campaign has developed partnerships with international and Israeli organizations, including Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity, Machsom Watch, the L’Association France Palestine Solidarité and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

The campaign also works to raise awareness about the situation in the Jordan Valley within Palestinian civil society. Although the Jordan Valley comprises nearly one third of the land in the West Bank, it is highly isolated from the rest of Palestinian society, and remains virtually forgotten by politicians, NGOs and the population at large. The Campaign is hence working to raise awareness about the situation in the Jordan Valley among Palestinians by cooperating with universities, trade unions and Palestinian community organizations.

The Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign documents human rights violations in the Jordan Valley and disseminates reports and videos through our website and through social media outlets. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. We also host local and international media to increase the exposure of Jordan Valley communities, and have assisted in the making of several documentary films and TV specials.