Israeli settlers in the Jordan Valley are awaiting their large bonuses at the end of Ramadan. Dates, which are grown on stolen Palestinian land are currently being sold around the world in preparation for the celebration of Eid.

Since 1967, the indigenous population of the Jordan Valley has seen the development of 36 illegal Israeli settlements which have taken 50% of the land in the region. The settlements in the Valley are predominately agricultural, generating approximately 135.6 million dollars per year, based on figures for 2010. This is one of the key reasons that ‘Israel will never cede the Jordan Valley’ (Benyamin Netanyahu, 2010).

The vast expanse of date palm plantations can be seen from the main north south road in the Jordan Valley, growing on land once inhabited by Palestinian communities. Every August the dates are harvested by Palestinian workers as young as 12, forced to work on their own land through economic slavery, for less than 1 dollar per hour.

The increase in demand for dates during Ramadan and Eid means an increase in profit for Israeli colonialists and more funding to support Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing in the Jordan Valley. 

Boycott Israeli dates. Resist the Occupation.