On 7th July 2015 the Israeli Occupation Forces confiscated yet another agricultural tractor and a water tank owned by Mohammed Al Kabna, who live in Hammamat al Maleh with his family. His son Sulaiman was using the heavy machine to bring water to his family and his livestock.

Mohammed was not given any confiscation orders and the essential equipment was seized without any prior warnings.

The same family had their water tank confiscated in 2012 by the Israeli authorities. They were given the option of buying back their tank from the Israeli authorities if they paid 5000 shekels. They refused to do so as it costs 4000 to buy a new tank.

Also, the same family have had their houses demolished three times since 2010. Every time a house is demolished they must move a minimum of 150 metres or otherwise the Israeli authorities can demolish the rebuilt house under the same demolition order. The situation of the family is therefore very difficult, having had to move several times with no support.

This Israeli policy is commonly used against the local Palestinian farmers, living in the JORDAN VALLEY to make their lives as difficult as possible, as a strategy to force them to abandon their land. The equipment is essential for the farmers to collect and purchase water from the surrounding areas, as Israel control approximately 98%of all water resources including natural springs, often just meters away from their land. Farmers that attempt to use these water resources, that are forbidden by the illegal settlers have endured severe beatings and violence.

water tank confiscated

In 2013, a local woman from Al Malih, endured a savage attack for attempting to use water from a spring 20 meters from her land.