IMG_3861 Jordan Valley Solidarity activists, local farmers and international volunteers from Spain joined together on 16th August 2016 to clean out the water canal that runs through Fasayil so that it is now free of rubbish and weeds. Through this action fresh water is now available to communities and farms. Indeed, this is the only natural spring water that exists in Fasayil area and is one of the main resources of water, especially for the farms which use it to feed the sheep. Furthermore it is used for agriculture and fruit plantations. Some of the families also use this water in their everyday life: cleaning, cooking etc.

IMG_3870To understand the difficult situation it is important to note that the water in the area is controlled by the Israeli company Mekorot. This company give the whole village water just two day per week and only for 12 hours for each community. Mekorot Company hinders the access of Palestinian people to water since they have built three wells in the mountains which take all the water and makes the entire area arid. Although there is still one Palestinian well from 1964, the depth is limited and it is shallower than the Israel wells. Therefore the water from the canal that has been cleaned today is extremely essential for the life in Jordan Valley.

The Spanish group also had a geopolitical tour around the area to understand the reality of the occupation and they collaborated in building with mud bricks.