Today April the 8th, some volunteers from the Jordan Valley Solidarity, with other internationals and Israeli activists, visited Al Aqaba village where some homes and roads were demolished yesterday.

Neighbors from Al Aqba told the activists some of their histories about demolitions and lands grab.
Later the volunteers visited the major of the village where there is a population of 400 inhabitans. The major is a disabled person in a wheel chair, because he recieved three shots from an Israeli soldier
The major confirmed that all of the buildings and any sort of built thing on the surface of Al Aqaba, except 6 houses, have demolition orders. That means schools, hospital, clinic, kindergarten, roads, streets, pilars, shelters, pens and the mosque. Everything.
Four of the houses which didn’t received demolition order were built in 1930, before the Naqba of 1948 ande also before the invasion of 1967. The two other houses are recent and the major say that probably they have not been registered by Israelis. One of the house which received demolition order it’s a new house, built by a couple who is going to get marry next month.
In the office of the major we could see a lot of orders, one on the other, and more and more. The order for the destruction of the road yesterday, mention 400 meters, though, 2 km from the Peace St were destroyed and also with the earth the soldiers made ditches so as the farmer whose lands has not been confiscated yet, now they cannot access to labour their agriculural lands.