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The occupation forces have now closed the road in Al Jiftlik village. There are about 50 IOF jeeps carrying out this blockade and around 100 Palestinians in the area are stuck and can’t continue their journey home.


It is now dark and we can see and hear low flying jets over Fasayil al Fouqa.

Photo update of the day

Occupation soldiers in the middle of Furush Beit Dejan village as part of the military training

Notice put in small local shop in Furush Beit Dejan – the shop keeper was told that this is the number people should call if they have any problems with the military training!

One of many very loud helicopters seen overhead during the day.

Scene of meeting of those overseeing the military training and a lorry which was bringing food for the IOF, indicating the length of time the training will go on and how extensive it is.

Land dug up by occupation forces in preparat.ion for the training

Temporary base set up for military training next to a gate restricting access for Palestinians

Palestinian farmers trying to harvest their wheat before it is damaged in the military training.


There has been a very heavy army presence from Fasayil to Furush Beit Dejan all day.There are jeeps, communication jeeps and trucks moving around all the roads in the area. There are also jeeps, diggers, trucks and heavy artillery setting up bases off-road both in the valleys and on the hilltops.

All the permanent army bases are full and a lot of activity can been seen, with bus loads of IOF personnel arriving.

Earlier we heard that a fire had started in one of the areas, but we are waiting for confirmation of this. This is one of the main worries for local Palestinians as any fire would destroy their crops.

IMG 0506

Five families from Furush Beit Dajan and 13 families from Ibzik have been told that they will have to leave their homes from today until next Sunday.Those in Ibziq have been given papers instructing them to do this. No provision is made for the people or their farm animals during this time.


This morning we woke at seven and heard the first shots fired of the Israeli military training in the Jordan Valley.

This activity has disrupted the lives of people living in the valley who have had to be evacuated as a result of these  activities.

In Hamsa 14 families have had to leave there homes. This will be for several days. The families have to find alternative living space with all the requirements to carry on some kind of domestic life bearing in mind that there are also very young children involved.

Not only are the families fearful for their animals, mainly sheep, who need to be cared for but also damage done to their crops and harvested fields, which are now very dry, and subject to fire from exploding shells.

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