Humsa 1 April 2014 Today, 1st May 2015, we have petitioned the UN, international emabassies and international NGOs to put pressure on the occupation forces to stop the military training in the nortern Jordan Valley. This training will devastate the communities of Humsa Fouqa, Ibziq and Ras ar Ahmar and all of the surrounding area once again.

Jordan Valley Solidarity has met with local people and they have appealed for support. They are very scared of the impact this will have on themselves, their families, their animals and their crops.

What you can do:

  • Make a donation so that we can directly support the famlies affected  (see our donate page for more info)
  • Write to your elected representatives:
    Ask them to make representation to the Government Minister responsible for Foreign/International Affairs requesting that pressure be brought on the Israeli occupation forces to stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley
  • Contact any oganisations you are a member of (for example, Amnesty International, Trade Union, church groups) and ask them to speak up for the right of the children of the northern Jordan Valley

We are calling on the occupation to:

  • abide by their obligations under the Geneva Convention VI
  •  cancel the training
  • revoke all the evacuation orders imposed on the communities of Humsa Fouqa, Ibziq and Ras ar Ahmar

Full up to date information is in our petition at

Rashid Sawafta, co-ordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity has appealed for support, saying:

“One of the main ways we can resist the occupation is to stay with the farmers and communities in the area.

“They don’t have water, elecrticity or houses and live in simple tents because they aren’t allowed ot have this basic in frastructure. This is part of the occupations plan to transfer all the Palestinian communities out of the Jordan Valley.

“It is really important to be with the communities this week to protect the families, their homes and their agricultural livelihoods.”

Jordan Valley Solidarity urgently want to increase the presence of internationals in the Jordan Valley for the entire week, and call on anyone who is able to offer their support for one day, a few days or the entire week to get in touch.

Phone Rashid on +972592391208 to arrange to come to the Jordan Valley or for more information.
Those who are able to stay for more than one day can stay with local families. If you have a sleeping bag or torch please bring them with you.