image001 5Harrassment of Palestinians by the Israeli police on the apartheid roads in the Jordan Valley are an everyday occurrance. On 23rd February 2015, the harrassemnt of Nihad Ali Alajul, a 32 year old father to four children, lead to his death.

Tthe Israeli police tried to stop Ali’s car in order to impose a fine on the driver. While they were following him the car became involved in a collision, and he was killed. This happened in Al Jiftlik village in the central Jordan Valley, not far from Hamra checkpoint.

The 23rd February was like every other day, with the Israeli police determined to fine Palestinian drivers on the road. They also fined a Palestinian Jordan Valley Solidarity activist 250 Israeli shekels. This is the third fine this activist has received in the past three months, amounting to 1,500 shekels.

These actions are part of Israel’s apartheid occupation policies, which applies daily pressure on the lives of Palestinian people, families and communities. The police are supposed to enforce the law and to protect the people, but here they are working alongside the Israeli army to enforce the transfer of Palestinians from their lands by scaring the people. The police give Palestinians no opportunity to speak out to protect their rights.