Abu Nahar and two of his daughters with the remains of their homeTo see our photos of demolitions in Fasayil al-Wusta click here

At 9am on December 20, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) demolished 3 homes and 5 animal shelters in Fasayil al-Wusta. The homes belonged to Abed Yasim Rashaydeh and his brothers Hassan Yasim Rashaydeh and Hador Mohammed, Abu Nahar.  In total 13 family members live in the tents including 7 children.

11 military and police jeeps, 2 bulldozers and 2 civil administration jeeps arrived and surrounded the family declaring their homes a closed military zone. Residents were prohibited from removing their clothes or other belongings before their homes were demolishing.

IOF also demolished an animal barracks in Fasayil al-Fouqa.

In March 2011, IOF demolished 18 homes and 3 animal shelters in Fasayil al-Wusta making 103 people homeless including 63 children. Many left making it even harder for the people who stayed.

Yesterday, Civil Administration arrived and ordered the whole community to evacuate the area or they will demolish every structure. When they arrived this morning with soldiers and bulldozers, all families in the community quickly started removing everything salvageable from their homes in expectation of demolition.

The community here mostly work on surrounding agricultural colonies, Tomer (1978) and Fazael (1975). Like most Bedouin, they also rear livestock and some produce cheese. Fasayil al-Wusta is prohibited from running water or electricity to their homes despite living about 200meters from area B Fasayil which is permitted these basic human rights.