Since Sunday May 3 at dawn, Israel is undertaking an unprecedented military operation in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank, which  is likely to last until Saturday or Sunday. Hundreds of military vehicles, helicopters and heavy machinery are currently destroying Palestinian land and threatening Palestinian crops and new born lambs. Five communities have been asked to evacuate and entire families are living in makeshift shelters while explosions and shootings are shaking the area.


  • Jamal Juma, coordinator of the Land Defense Coalition and Stop the Wall Campaign 
  • Rashid Sawaftah, coordinator of the Jordan Valley Solidarity
  • Abu Saqr, al Hadidiya
  • Representatives of the affected communities

The press conference will present eye witness accounts on the reality on the ground, present the context of the Israeli policy of ‘military closed zones’, forced transfer of the Palestinian population from Area C , Israel’s rising military budget in preparation of furthers wars and present future steps by Palestinian civil society to stop Israel’s militarism and colonial take over of their land. 

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session. 

See the open letter to the EU by Palestinian organizations:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 10:30am

Old Petrol Station, Al Jiftlik, Jordan Valley
(Those coming from Ramallah can meet at 9:30am in front of Albireh Manucipality)

The Land Defense Coalition, a large coalition of Palestinian grassroots movements, the Popular Council to Protect the Jordan Valley and the Jordan Valley Solidarity.

The press conference will be in Arabic and English.
Political representatives and members of the affected communities are available for interviews.

Phone: Jamal Juma at 00970-568921821 (coordinator of the Land Defense Coalition ) or Rashid Sawaftah at 00972-592391208   ( coordinator of the Jordan Valley Solidarity) or Sarah Cobham at 00972 598627020

mail: or