We are now into the second day of extensive military training in the Jordan Valley which is affecting 1000’s of Palestinian communities from Fasayil to north of Bardala.

We are asking all of our international supporters to:

  • follow us on twitter at @jvsolidarity to get regular updates about the situation
  • share information about this as widely as possible
  • come to the Jordan Valley if you are in Palestine
  • Write to your political representatives and ask them to support the call from Palestinian Organisations to the EU and member states to ‘Act now on Israeli Military Training‘.

Last night two JVS activists were traveling through Al Jiftlik when they reached an army roadblock. The occupation had around 50 jeeps in the village and around 100 Palestinians were stranded, unable to continue their journeys. After a while the roadblock ended and they were able to leave. Farhia, who was in Al Jiftlik said: “This is the biggest army training I have seen in my life” as she described the bombing she had heard to the north of Bardala earlier in the day, and the constant convoys of army vehicles all the way from Tubas, to Bardala, to Fasayil.

The following communities have now been forced to leave their homes – most of them until Thursday:

  • 18 families from Humsa
  • 30 families from Hammamaat al Maleh
  • 5 families from Frush Beit Dejan
  • 13 families from Ibziq
  • Families in Al Hadidiya have been told that they may have to move if the army come ad instruct them to do so, but they haven’t been gven any papers.

They have been given nowhere to stay, and no support. JVS has started to visit these families today with donations of food from our campaign and Brighton Quakers ‘Children of the Jordan Valley’ project.

Earlier today there was intensive firing and explosions in the mountains to the west of Fasayil, which continued for around 2 hours. The situation felt very tense but it calmer in the village now. A small part of this was captured by JVS activists:

Photos from the day:

Military jeeps close to Palestinian homes in Mak-hul.

Military convoys obstructing the road.

Smoke rising from mountains west of Fasayil following shooting and explosions

Palestinian in Furush Beit Dajan trying to repair the road damaged by the military training as the IOF sit nearby.

Army crossing Palestinian land on foot.

IMG 0618a

Children who have had to leave their homes to stay with other families in anothe village.

Family who are having to leave their home to make way for the military training.

IMG 0634a

Jeeps lined up outside Ro’i settlement.

IMG 0651a

IOF coming from Area A and driving close to Palestinian homes..