Israel is planning mass demolitions in the northern Jordan Valley in the village of Ein El Hilwe and Al Maleh. They plan to demolish the homes of 300 Palestinians, wiping out the entire communities. They have a long term plan to ethnically cleanse the Jordan Valley and annex it, and this is part of that plan.

Those living in the area have reported drones overhead carrying our surveillance and demands from the occupation forces to see the IDs of all the local residents. They only became aware of this threat to their families and community when notices were placed under rocks on their land.

Rashid Khudairi of Jordan Valley Solidarity is coordinating with those facing demolition. He said: “The occupation authorities have been harassing and attacking Palestinians in the northern Jordan Valley for years, to pressurise them to leave their ancestral land. These communities have been denied access to water, electricity, roads, health care and education. Their homes have been repeatedly demolished and military training is frequently carried out next to their homes and on their land. Israel is now taking this ethnic cleansing one step further. The situation is very urgent and we are calling on all our friends around the world to support us.”

Sarah Cobham, from Brighton, has echoed this call saying: “Many of us have spent time with these families. We know they have lived off the land for generations and have been victim to a sustained campaign of harassment and abuse from the occupation forces for many years. We have received the hospitality of these communities and NOW is the time for us to repay that hospitality.”

Further details have been published in Haaretz:

Take action

If you are in Palestine:

Contact Jordan Valley Solidarity if you are able to travel to offer support. Email or phone 00962597177518.

If you are in the UK:

Please contact your Member of Parliament (MP) and ask them to contact the Foreign Office. Ask them to ask the Foreign Office to immediately contact their Israeli counter-parts and protest against this act of ethnic cleansing. Ask the MP to let you know by email (not letter) of the action they have taken and the response they have received. If you have the time, follow them up when/if they don’t get back to you.

If you are elsewhere:

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to immediate action as above.
Where ever you are:

If you take any action to support the Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley please let us know.