Dear friends,

As Palestinians in the Jordan Valley we resist ethnic cleansing every day, with the support of local and international volunteers. This month we’re asking you to lend a hand by helping to fund the truck that sustains our communication, networking and resistance.

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Please donate whatever you can, and share with your friends.

In breach of international law, the Israeli military is carrying out a campaign to ethnically cleanse the Jordan Valley of Palestinians. Please help fund this vital part of Jordan Valley Solidarity – the vehicle that sustains our communication, networking and resistance.

There is a huge push to make life in the Jordan Valley impossible. The most basic human rights of Palestinians are being demolished by the occupation, along with their homes, infrastructure, and communities.

While the military aims to break Palestinian resolve, they continue to resist non violently. Palestinians have banded together in the face of overwhelming cruelty and injustice, and they are calling on the international community for support.

You can help maintain solidarity in the Jordan Valley in a practical and functional way by contributing to the fuel and maintenance of the truck which enables local communities within the valley to continue our resistance.

The Jordan Valley is dominated by the apartheid Road 90, controlled by both the Israeli military occupation and Israeli Settlers. All but 5 Palestinian villages in the Valley are prohibited from surfacing their roads. Other villages have to struggle over rough ground with their cars and tractors to get to and from their land and homes. These Palestinian roads are deliberately sabotaged for the purpose of restricting movement and communication. With very limited reception and internet access, communication is nearly impossible without JVS volunteers visiting communities regularly.

The Jordan Valley solidarity (JVS) truck is used to sustain the communities in the Jordan Valley. When families are expelled from their homes by their occupiers to facilitate military training, JVS coordinator Rashid Khudairi will use the truck to provide practical support, such as food, water and temporary shelter. When mud bricks, tools, and appliances need to be moved, they are transported in the JVS truck. When international volunteers need to support communities in the Jordan Valley, they are taken in the JVS truck.

By closing off key access routes the Occupation hopes to break down lines of communication and deter an international presence. The Israelis have even gone so far as to build settlements directly on top of these access routes, to tear /torn up tarmac where it has been laid, and dig massive ditches in the road. Whilst all of the roads to the illegal settlements are meticulously surfaced with Tarmac, Palestinians are forced to endure traversing rocky tracks, ditches and sand dunes, which they must do in order to access water, schools and health care.
The Israeli occupation has systematically attempted to annex the Jordan Valley. They are driving Palestinians from the area by blocking their access to water, restricting their freedom of movement, destroying their homes and actively preventing them from developing their own infrastructure.
The Palestinian people of the Jordan Valley need your support in order to sustain a fundamental part of their existence. Please help to keep the lines of communication open by funding their vital and much loved truck which helps sustain the Solidarity network in the Jordan Valley.

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