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Rashid Khudairi, Palestinian co-ordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity, will be in the UK for a tour from 17th to 26th February 2016, hosted by Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity.

Programme of public events

Wednesday 17th February: Newcastle

Public Meeting hosted by Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Saturday 20th February: Cardiff

2pm: Workshop at Cardiff Anarchist Book Fair

Sunday 21st February: Stroud

12 noon: Workshop at Earth First gathering in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Monday 22nd February: Exeter

6pm: Apartheid Week talk organised by Exeter University Friends of Palestine

Tuesday 23rd February: London

6pm: Apartheid Week talk organised by Goldsmiths University Friends of Palestine in RHB 144

Wednesday 24th February: London

5.30pm: Apartheid Week talk organised by London School of Economics Friends of Palestine
Joint meeting with KCL Action Palestine: Venue LSE 32L.LG.03

7.30pm: Apartheid Week talk organised by SOAS Friends of Palestine in B102 SOAS

Thursday 25th February: Brighton

7.30pm: Public meeting at Brighthelm Centre organised by Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity

Friday 26th February: Brighton

6pm: Apartheid Week talk organised by Sussex University Friends of Palestine Arts A1, University of Sussex

Rashid is co-rdinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity – a network of Palestinian communities which are collectively resisting Israel’s attempts to drive them from their land.

The threats to these communities are real and ongoing. They are refused the right to: build homes/schools/farm buildings; have running water or mains electricity, move freely between the Jordan Valley and the rest of the west bank; or farm the land which is historically theirs. They are under constant military surveillance, and regularly evacuated from their homes to made way for Israeli military training.

The Palestinian population of the valley is being ethnically cleansed: it is now just 20% of what it was in 1967 (it has been reduced from 320,000 people in 1967, to around 56,000 people today).

Jordan Valley Solidarity brings together people from villages, farming communities and bedouin communities throughout the valley, recognising that ‘To exist is to resist’.

They challenge the occupation’s attacks on Palestinian communities by non-violent direct action: supporting those whose homes are demolished and helping them to rebuild; building infrastructure such as roads, water pipes and small schools; and supporting the international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

It is essential that we continue to talk about the Jordan Valley, and highlight the occupation’s attempts to drive Palestinians from their land.