In the Palestinian/Bedouin village of Fasayal located in the middle of the Jordan Valley off Road 90, the Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign comprising villagers and internationals  are presently constructing a house made of mud bricks for international activists to inhabit during their stay in the Jordan Valley.

At the time of videoing, working from dusk into the late night to escape the fierce heat of the day the volunteer workers kneaded the dusty soil, straw and water into a dough which was poured into cases to bake and harden in the sun. In June of this year as part of its accelerating ethnic cleansing program the Israeli military authority brutally demolished 18 homes and 6 other Bedouin structures leaving 103 Fasayil villagers homeless including 65 children. The lower area of the village is located in area A, and is under Palestinian Authority control, while both middle and upper Fasayil are located in area C. The community in middle and upper Fasayil are subjected to total Israeli control without access to basic ammenities such as electricy and water. At the same time the village is surrounded on either side by two colonies which enjoy water and electricty with a 75 % subsidy from the state.