On 19th October 2015 two families received demolition orders in the Jordan Valley.

In al Hadidiya Mohammad Ali Bsharat and Lutfy Bsharat received demolition orders for both their home and animal shelters.

Mohammad Abu Abtarn from Aljiftlik received a demolition order for his animal shelter. He has 300 animals to shelter and he lives with his family and children. They are afraid for the welfare of their animals with winter approaching.

Today we received a call from Mohammad. He would like to contest the demolition order. He has been given only three days to contest it.

This is an attempt by the occupation to forcibly transfer Palestinians and annex the Jordan Valley. Rashed Khudairi states that “We at Jordan Valley Solidarity will not accept this. We will help these families to rebuild and with each demolition we will resist and rebuild time and time again.”

demolition order october 15Demolition order October 15