Ibziq 10Nov2012On 10th November 2012, Palestinian and international volunteers made bricks to rebuilt demolished houses and support the community in Ibziq.

On 31st October 2012, twelve family homes and four animal barracks were destroyed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). The army had told members of the community to leave for 36hrs as the area was due to be used for military training. Yet, only one hour later they returned with bulldozers and proceeded with the demolitions.

Irrespective, none of the families left and remained steadfast on the land slowly starting to rebuild their homes.

So far, the community had not received any support. Affected families have been living off what other members of the community have been able to offer from the little they have. Thus, today’s action sent a very strong signal to the community that they are not alone, and that local and international solidarity activists will continue to stand by their side to support them in their struggle to stay on their land.

The attack on the community in Ibziq forms part of systematic violence against Palestinians living in areas declared as ‘firing zones.’ Most recently, the ongoing joint American-Israeli military drill ‘Austere Challenge’ has served as a convenient pretext for the IOF to execute this strategy, contrary to international law. According to the Fourth Geneva Convention, the forcible transfer of populations from territory occupied is prohibited (Article 49) and the destruction of property is unlawful (Article 53).