There’s been a lot going on in the village of Badu al-Ka’abneh. Over the last few weeks some major improvements have been made to the school of this Bedouin community.

The building of a new classroom started in October, along with renovation projects throughout the school. Jordan Valley Solidarity has been working closely with the local community and these projects have received international funding.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported this project. Having a school makes a massive difference to the community of Badu al-Ka’abneh and increases their ability to remain on their land.

The solar panels were installed by two French people. They are now connected to the school and effective, and can provide electricity for the school but also two families from the village.

The playground has been completely renovated: around 30 people from different the main Palestinian and international solidarity committeesand also some independent volunteers gathered to clean the playground area. They removed the rocks, created a boundary with recycled tyres filled with sand and added plants to the tyres.

On the 16th of November, around 20 students from the agricultural organization of Jericho also joined the project and came to plant some more trees in the school as a contribution.

Last but not least, the construction of the new classroom made of mud bricks continued and is actually almost over. Several Palestinians but also internationals came to finish building the classroom with the bricks. The ceiling as well has been built, first covered with some plastic for the isolation, then covered by mud mixed with straw over some palm leaves.

On the 29th of November, around 30 people (Palestinians and internationals) came to help building the floor. First, the floor has been leveled up with some rocks and sand, then it has been covered with some cement.

The same day, olive trees were planted along the fence. Children from the school gladly took part in this gardening activity and enjoyed. The moment was filled with laughs and popular Palestinian songs.

The building will continue in the next few weeks to finish the classroom thanks to the various organizations that took part in the project, but also thanks to the generous participation of the numerous Palestinian and international volunteers all around Palestine.