IMG 20141215 130632Jordan Valley Solidarity has launched a project in conjunction with the Palestinian Farmers Union to plant trees throughout the Jordan Valley, from the north to the south.

In each area farmers will be given trees which are suitable for the local climate and growing conditions. These will include Orange, Lemon, Avocado, Olive, Guava, Cucumber and Tomato plants and trees. We will then work collectively with the farmers to plant the trees.

The trees will be planted are areas designated as A, B and C in the Oslo accords, and as such will directly challenge the occupations right to control our lives and our livelihoods.

IMG 20141215 163736Occupation forces and settlers have destroyed countless trees throughout the Jordan Valley, as they have dome elsewhere, and this project aims to replenish the trees. This will give farmers the ability to continue to farm their land, shade in the hot summer months, will support the soil structure and provide a habitat for wildlife.
Alongside this project we are campaigning for the right to water – through destroying Palestinian water resources the occupation is systematically denying Palestinians the ability to farm their land. Jordan Valley Solidarity is therefore working with local community to reinstate running water and renovate water wells.

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