Abel Al Ajaaj Bedouin community in Al Jiftlik is facing a land confiscation. Our lawyer has succeeded in obtaining a freeze of the demolition orders in Khirbet Tana.

Three weeks ago, Tana, a small village in the northern Jordan Valley, faced its 6th demolition. Tana community lives in caves for centuries and few weeks ago the occupational forces decided to bulldoze those caves.

Tana people stood in front of their caves to prevent the demolition but the army ensure that the bulldozers will come back to destroy them.

 The lawyer went there to see the situation and was astonished by the beauty of the caves and the steadfastness of the people living there. He took as much as information as he could in order to ask the Court the cancellation of demolition orders.

At now he obtained a freeze and we hope he will succeed to obtain the full cancellation.

The freeze has given Tana people hope and strength to struggle against the occupation policy of Palestinians transfer from their land.