Humsa 2 Nov 15 aOn 28th October 2015 ten families in the village of Khrbit Humsa, Jordan Valley, received orders to leave their homes for military training. The order states that the families must leave the area (their homes and their land) every Monday and Thursday in November from 6.30am to 12.00 pm.

There are 45 people living in the village: 10 women, 10 men and 25 children.On 2nd November they all left their homes 5.30am. Some families are staying in caves outside of the area designated for military training, but 3 men are staying just outside the designated area to keep watch. The children are still going to school in spite of the military training.

Those being forcibly evacuated are Ali Abd al-Aziz, his wife, and his sons’ families in Humsa.

In addition, Abu Shud, and his sons’ families, and Najkh and his brothers family have been forced to leave their homes for the military training in Al Hadidiya.

jvs nov 2At 6am in the morning the military checked the area to see whether the families had evacuated. At 10:30 EAPPI visited the area. They said that military training had still not begun.

Families are afraid of the damage that will be done to their homes and materials. Farmers are especially worried about the welfare of their baby lambs, who will need to remain in the home as they require a lot of food and warmth.

There has been a major excalation in Israeli military training in the Jordan Valley this year, which creates constant pressure and uncertainty for all the farming communities in the valley.

There is also concern about the undetonated amunition that remains when families return to their homes. Less than a week ago mines were exploded near Fasayil al Fouqa.