Ongoing settler harassment in Ein Al Hilwa

A small Palestinian community, composed of 10 families, in Ein Al Hilwa, located in the northern Jordan Valley (see attached map), has in recent days been experiencing growing settler harassment and intimidation at the hands of Israeli settlers from Maskiyot settlement. On Saturday night, a group of settlers erected a large tent at a few meters distance from the community. The group, which numbers from 10 – 50 people, have moved freely around the Palestinian community and are currently sleeping at the site. They have also reportedly taken hold of community property, including shelter materials such as tent poles and zinc boards.

This provocative and intimidating behavior has raised serious concerns in the community, which reports that tensions are growing and that they fear that the situation may escalate further. Rather than removing the settlers, the Israeli DCL has suggested that the Palestinian community will have to move their tents to a different area before the settlers move their tent. The community has understandably rejected this idea and is currently requesting support and assistance from the international community.


A few of our partners, including EAPPI and OCHA, will be visiting the community tomorrow and in the coming days. If any of you are able to assist, please do not hesitate to get in touch with my colleague, Isra’ Musaffar from the OCHA Central Field Unit (, tel. 054 3311 821) for further information and coordination purposes.

The Displacement Working Group (DWG), a dedicated forum that brings together key Palestinian and Israeli NGOs and UN agencies, was established to improve and coordinate efforts that aim to prevent forced displacement through advocacy and legal support and, when it does occur, ensure that those affected are provided with adequate emergency care and assistance.