Bulldozers along with eight jeeps and dozens of heavily armed soldiers from the Israeli military forces stormed the village of Zubeidat in the early morning on Tuesday, 19/7/2011, closing the main entrance of the village and surrounded some of the buildings.

People were prevented from reaching their work in the area called the “c” where the paved military force accompanying the way for the bulldozer that destroyed the barracks, some citizens were completely signed by the loss of substantial material of their respective owners and are Fayez Ahmed Ali Zubeidat and Ibrahim Ali Zubeidat addition to the accompanying intimidation and intimidation to the people of the village safe and located in the heart of the Valleys. After completion of the acts of sabotage and destruction, terrible withdrawal of military force, leaving behind destruction of the barracks that set up before to live their owners in their homes current and leaving also a state of panic and fear among citizens and who are threatened at any moment to the same fate, especially since many of them live barracks within that region. Where the residents appealed to the authorities formal and informal to intervene to stop such arbitrary measures against them, telling them to protect them from the arrogance of the occupation forces aimed to displace them from their land, a palace. Here, it must be noted that these arbitrary acts are not the first faced by the village will not be the last.

Mohsen Zubeidat
Grass-roots campaign Save the Jordan Valley