Ayman Adeis standing with his children next to his demolished homeIn a new step to target the area of ​​Abu Ajaj in Jiftlik, the Israeli Miliary Administration have issued three new demolition orders to families in Abel al Ajaaj. The army came to this small bediouin community on the morning of 30th August 2012, going firstly to the house of Ayman Adeis (whose house was previously demolished 6 months ago) and handed over the demolition order. They then headed to the house of Saud Salim Kaaabna and then to the house Mahmoud Ali Kaaabna.

Abel al Ajaaj has faced constant repression, intimidation and demolitions in recent years, accompanied by settler attacks and land grabs. Much of the violence has come from nearby Massu’a settlement, but in recent months yet another new settlement has been started less than a kilometer from this community, with full support of the occupation forces and their government.

The present arbitrary actions by the Israeli government against the Palestinian citizens in the Jordan Valley are in line with their policy of confiscating more land and the expulsion of indigenous population. In contrast, services are provided to Israeli settler: land, water, electricity, infrastructure, and governmental support.