demolition at al hadidyaAt 7.30am on 25th November 2015 in the Al-Hadidiya community the Israeli army demolished the houses and animal shelters of three families. The army hit a pregnant woman,  who had to be taken to hospital as she was bleeding.

The Israeli courts had not issued a decision to allow the demolition to go ahead. The army came as they have come many times before without legal orders and this can be seen as punishment against Abu Saka who is part of the Jordan Valley Solidarity and the Popular Resistance campaigns in the Al-Hadidiya community. A project to fix the road started one month ago, and he was responsible for liaising with the international organisations who funded the projects. The work to be carried out in the project would ensure that the road remained open in winter when conditions prevent anyone entering or leaving the village for weeks at a time. This would mean that children could continue to go to school without interruption.

2 demolitionThe Israeli army kept watch after the demolition to see that the house was not rebuilt. They later returned in the afternoon and told Rashid al Kudairy to go with them to his truck. They told him to inform the family that they cannot build legally here. He told them that the court had not made a decision regarding the legality. The army then asked for his and Abu Saka’s ID. He was informed that his JVS truck and Abu Saka’s tractor would be confiscated, if the rebuilt animal pens were not destroyed within one hour. The army said that it is not legal for the family to stay here and they should move elsewhere. Those affected are Ali Mohammad Bsharat’s family- 4 people including  2 children. Rasi Bsharat’s family also 4 people including 2 children. Abu Sakar’s family 11 people and 29 other family members from the nearby village. The families must sleep outside tonight including the women and children and also the animals.

After the demolition Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign started to rebuild one of the animal shelters,  then the army came back and took the Palestinian ID of some of the activists and the truck of Jordan Valley  Solidarity Coordinator Rasheed Kudairy and the army threatened the community that they must take down the work they had done.demolition at al hadidya.jpg 1