The group from Jordan Valley Solidarity and our international friends from Canada, France, United States and South Korea have helped six families from Fasayil whose land has been threatened to be confiscated return back to their lands. These are the families of Omar Mohammad, Sherefee  Dahud, Mohamad Noaboreh, Somaya Adel,  Imad Abayat and Jamal Jarawan. Our partners who helped to sponsor this project are MAN, the French Organization, RhoneAlpes, FBS and the Centre for Freedom and Justice.  We helped these families use 15 dunums from their own lands, by planting grape, olive and guava trees on them. We also built them fences to protect these trees and provided them with tanks of water. For the families with a well, we helped them run pipelines for water to these trees. Planting trees on the lands of Palestinians prevents these lands from being confiscated because it prevents Israelis from using the Absentee property law, which states that if land is not used for three years it can be confiscated.

We plan to help others whose names we have already to return back to their lands in the future. Planting trees helps Palestinians develop their own economy, as it allows them to work on their own lands instead of working on the lands of settlers. This work is part of our policy of using nonviolent actions to show solidarity with our neighbors in Fasayil.