Join us on World Water Day for a solidarity walk against by Israel’s illegal appropriation of Palestinian water resources. The walk will include community visits, discussions and interactive theatre events focusing on the life and resistance of Bedouins, farmers and traditional herders in the Jordan Valley. An evening concert will feature political hip-hop from the world renowned DAM, and reggae-fusion from Ministry of Dub-Key. Zajaal poet Abu Naji, and dubkey troupes from Nabi Saleh and the South Hebron Hills will also perform.


The walk will commence with a welcome and orientation in Khirbet Samra (see directions below).Please arrive on time! From Khirbet Samra we will walk to the community of Mak-hul and then on to Al Hadidiya.

Stop for lunch and a Playback Theatre performance by the Freedom Bus troupe in the community of Al Hadidiya. (People who were unable to start the walk in Khirbet Samra can join us here.)

Walk to the water well near Ro’i Settlement. 4pm: Stop at Gochia Gate (near Ras al Ahmar) for an interactive theatre process exploring water issues.

The walk will end in the community of Ras al Ahmar. 6pm: Travel by bus and/or car to Fasay’il al Fauqa for an evening meal. (People who were unable join the walk can meet us here.)

7pm – 10pm:
Live music concert featuring DAM and Ministry of Dub-Key. Zajaal poet Abu Naji, and dance troupes from Nabi Saleh and the South Hebron Hills will also perform.

Option of overnight stay in Fasay’il al Fauqa


If you wish to join this event, please contact Alia Alrosan by March 15th. This will help with transport, food and other logistical planning.


From Ramallah: A chartered bus will be leaving at 8am.

From Nablus: A chartered bus will be leaving at 8:30am. Seats are limited so please book in advance. Contact Alia Alrosan for more details: or 0599-304523. DIRECTIONS For driving directions, please contact Rashed Khudiri: 0592-391201


Driking water Sun hat Strong walking shoes Sleeping bag or bedding if planning an overnight stay


We will be staying in communal spaces – in the form of large tents or other simple structures. Internet and showering facilities will not be available. We will be using temporary, outdoor toilets. Mattresses and some bedding will be provided.


The Freedom Theatre’s Freedom Bus

Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign

Thirsting for Justice Campaign


Contact Person: Alia Alrosan Email Phone: 0599-304523


The Walk for Water Justice will occur as part of the March Freedom Ride. Over a period of 13 days, people from across Palestine and abroad will join Palestinian farmers and herders at risk of forced displacement from lands they have inhabited for generations. In particular the March Freedom Ride will include building and reconstruction work, protective presence activity, guided walks, home-stays, interactive workshops, educational talks and cultural events. Through Playback Theatre, residents of the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills will also share personal accounts about the realities of life and struggle under Israeli occupation. The Ride is an initiative of the Freedom Theatre’s Freedom Bus and is organized in partnership with Jordan Valley Solidarity, South Hebron Hills Popular Committee and other grassroots organizations. The Walk for Water Justice will occur on Day 6 of the March Freedom Ride. For more information, please visit:


Under terms negotiated in the Oslo Interim Agreement, Israelis are allocated four times more water from the shared West Bank mountain aquifer than Palestinians. In addition, the Israeli Civil Administration (which governs Area C communities, including the Jordan Valley) refuses to grant permits to Palestinian farmers for the construction of cisterns used for rainwater collection. Cisterns that are built without permits are frequently demolished by the Israeli authorities. The high cost of tankered water has also reduced the ability of communities to pay for essentials such as food, health care, and education for their children. Unequal allocation of water, together with illegal land confiscation and settlement expansion, has allowed the Israeli agricultural industry to develop and dominate in the Jordan Valley whilst driving Palestinian inhabitants to the very edge of a viable existence. For farmers and herders in particular, the pursuit of traditional livelihoods has become increasingly difficult.


Thirsting for Justice:

The Last Shepherds of the Valley: watch?v=GHcFqNICoJM

Jordan Valley Solidarity: