Sign our petition:

We,as Palestinian activists and volunteers of Jordan Valley Solidarity, are asking you to sign this paper which will assist us in claiming back the Jordan Valley Solidarity Friends Meeting House, so we can continue using it in the way it was intended. We started and renovated the Friends Meeting House in Al Jiftlik and worked on it with hundreds of volunteers, both Palestinian and international. The idea of the volunteer meeting house is that it should be a collective house, used and run by volunteers. The Friends Meeting Hhouse is not owned by any one person and cannot be used by an individual or a family as their home.

We started renovating the Friends Meeting House in 2010 and decided within our group that the house is to be used for meetings, activities, documenting the Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and for Palestinian and international volunteers to stay.

International supporters of Jordan Valley Solidarity have paid to buy the house for the use of a Friends Meeting House and for organizing the Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign.

As you may have heard there has been a recent split in the group, due to disagreements about how to run the campaign. We have split away as we want all the Palestinian activists and volunteers involved in this campaign to have a say in how the campaign is organized, operating in a flat non-hieracrchical structure.

Currently the people controlling the house want to use it as a tourist hotel for internationals to come stay as well as learn about the Jordan valley. We as the Jordan Valley Solidarity group do not agree with this use of the house as the aim of our campaign is to support Palestinians living in the Jordan valley using a grassroots approach.

Jordan Valley Solidarity is asking you to sign this paper giving us the right as a group to go to the Palestinian court to claim back our Friends Meeting House in order to continue our campaign to support the Palestinians living in the Jordan valley and resist the occupation as well as for international volunteers to stay in.