Since 3rd May 2015, the Palestinian communities in The Jordan Valley have witnessed some of the worst military training by the Israeli forces in recent history. Hundreds of army jeeps, tanks and soldiers have been deployed in villages throughout The Jordan Valley, setting fire to Palestinian land and crops, threatening house demolitions and expelling families from their homes for hours each day. Families from many communities in the Jordan Valley have been unable to send their children to school.

Humsa after military training18 families from the Humsa community situated in the North of The Jordan Valley, were amongst those expelled from their homes for 12 hours (6am until 6pm) on Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th May. This was enforced by the Israeli army, who then used their land for military training. This community, which largely relies on their agricultural and farming work to be self sustainable, have been hugely affected by the burning of their crops and land. Their animals, many of whom have died from the lack shelter, provides the community’s main source of income.

The Abul Lickbash family of Humsa village, have been subject to harassment from the Israeli military for a number of years. In April 2014 seven homes were demolished, leaving five families and their livestock with no shelter. In February 2015, 13 families were expelled from their homes for 15 days, from 6am – 2pm. Due to this continuous harassment, the families are unable to send their children to school, since it is dangerous for them to make the 1.5 hour long walk to school through live firing zones.