The Jordan Valley women’s project is planning to celebrate International Women’s Day with an event for women to come together in the north of the Jordan Valley. They need to raise just £300/ $420 / 380Euro for transport to bring women from all the local villages and communities.

If you would like to support this event please made a donation here (just put ‘women’ as your reference)

Women of the Jordan Valley is a grassroots Palestinian campaign that brings together women in the occupied Jordan Valley to:

· create networks of solidarity and support
· encourage women to develop confidence and self-esteem
· facilitate women to make their own decisions
· promote economic independence
· strengthen women’s voice within the home and their communities
· continue their resistance against the annexation of the Jordan Valley.

Find out more at jordanvalleywomen.wordpress.com


We are asking for international supporters to help raise funds for our project and to come to Palestine and work with us